Lost File Recovery from Windows

How do you feel if your Windows hard drive refuses its access?? Since it will be holding essential files, pain cannot even be explained. No one wishes to happen it with them, but there are some worst scenarios, in which unexpected surprises occur, in the form of hard drive errors due to Master File Table corruption. If you haven’t yet experienced, better be prepared for it. Of course losing valuable files hurts a lot, but don’t lose your calm because still you have a retrieve lost files after MFT corruption in Windows. Files are just inaccessible to operating system, they are not erased. Even MFT corruption cannot take away your precious files. You can restore them back to their position at your own, for which it needs a specialized hard disk drive recovery tool. Install the software and let it scan the hard drive, with no time, it gets your priceless files back.

Every individual prefer their work to be done perfectly in a simple way. That is why they wish to have a computer with Windows operating system. Even though Windows desktop and laptops have well updated and efficient file system for manipulating the stored data, unusual blunder like MFT corruption cannot be avoided. No one knows when it occurs. If you encounter with corruption of Master File Table in Windows, think of hard drive recovery program. It is advanced Windows hard drive recovery software designed to restore lost data from major data loss scenarios. Just run the application and follow the onscreen instructions. Within few minutes, you can acquire back your lost files. With this software, you can also perform lost data recovery from unbootable laptop hard drive. You wanna know how then click here

Thinking about how does Master File Table get corrupt in Windows computer? You will get a big list of factors responsible for MFT corruption. Few common reasons are listed here.

  • Successive reboot of computer hard drive due to power surge
  • Corruption of Windows hard drive file system
  • Errors while repartitioning the hard drive may also corrupts MFT
  • Windows operating system crash
  • Application malfunctioning or virus infection

The above mentioned reasons will make the saved Word files and other files such as photos, videos, movies, Excel files, text files, etc. unreadable. This would lead to severe loss of files. But, with the help of hard drive recovery program you can restore all media file types and this software is the perfect answer for the question how to recover corrupt Word files on Mac and Windows computer. Click thishttp://www.harddriverecoveryprogram.com/how-to-recover-corrupt-word-files-on-mac.html to collect complete information about this utility.

Concentrating on reasons for MFT corruption is like a waste of time. Divert the same time in recovering lost files. You can achieve best recovery results. Get the hard drive data restoration software. Within couple of mouse clicks, it will restore deleted files from hard drive. It supports deleted file recovery from SATA, PATA, ATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives. It is the best tool to retrieve lost files after mft corruption in Windows. With this software, you can recover accidentally formatted external desktop hard disk drive data in few simple steps

Master File Table in Windows computer accounts for holding entire information related to manipulation of each and every stored file. Without MFT, operating system fails to retrieve files from stored location. Lost file recovery from Windows based computer or laptop has became very easy with the introduction of this recovery tool. But recovery software never checks with MFT, it directly scans the hard drive sectors and retrieves lost files with the help of their attributes. It works well with different brands of hard drives. Upon recovery, it also facilitates to have a look at the retrieved file before saving, just to ensure that the proper file is recovered. Macintosh users can make use of Mac version of the software to recover lost data after volume header corruption in Mac OS X machine.

Easy steps to retrieve lost files after MFT corruption in Windows:

1: Install and launch the demo version of HDD recovery software to explore main window as shown in Fig 1. Click "Recover Partitions/Drives" option and then choose "Partition Recovery".

Retrieve Lost Files after MFT Corruption in Windows - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

2: Software will ask you to choose the drive from where lost files need to recover as shown in Figure 2. Select the corrupt hard drive and click on "Next" button.

Retrieve Lost Files after MFT Corruption in Windows - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

3: Upon completion of scanning and recovery process, you can have a look at the list of recovered files as shown in Figure 3.

Retrieve Lost Files after MFT Corruption in Windows - Retrieved Files

Fig 3: Retrieved Files

4: Evaluate the recovered results with the help of preview option. If you are happy with the software performance and recovery results, purchase the full version to save recovered data.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users