Program to Restore Data from Memory Card

“I accidentally deleted all the files from my memory card. I only want to delete useless one, but while chatting with my friend I accidentally mark all the files and delete it. Now all the photos for Christmas celebration and New Year's Eve are deleted. Worst of all, I deleted some crucial project documents also! What should I do now! My boss is going to kill me! Is there any way to recover files from memory card?”

Is this situation sounds similar? This almost happens to everyone. So don't panic, as you're not alone. Almost 90% of the memory cards users are facing data loss situation. And there is the way through which you can easily resolve all the data loss issues related to memory card. Data recover tool will help you to perform memory card recovery easily on your own.

Data recovery program provides a simple user interactive interface that helps card users to carry out the file recovery process from memory card. Using this tool you can recover file from memory card of various brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Sony, HP, Panasonic, Toshiba, Lexar etc. It even allows you to restore missing files from system hard drives, portable hard drives, pen drives, memory stick etc. Continue reading this..

The most important thing that you should burn into your heart for successful memory card recovery is, stop using card immediately as data loss encounters. Because, the space occupied by the deleted files are marked as free or available. Adding new file on memory card will overwrites the free space and make reduces the chances of file recovery. Till the time the free space did not get overwritten by other files, you can recover lost or deleted files. Before moving ahead for memory card recovery operation, let's check out some common situations which results in data loss from memory card.

Users format their memory card to fix out minor errors. However sometime, after formatting memory card users realize that they forget to take a backup of important files stored in it. But, formatting memory card does not remove the stored files permanently. It only marks the files as deleted and marks the deleted files space as free to store new info, the actual files remains on card until they get overwritten with new data. Browse around this website for further information.

As you connect the memory card to your system with the help of card reader, it starts acting like external device. For protect the memory card from being lost, card should be properly removed from the system. However, users generally eject the memory card directly from the computer. This sudden ejection may harm the file system of the memory card and leads to card corruption. Corruption to the file system of the card results in loss of files from the memory card. By using the data recovery application you can restore lost or deleted files easily. With this amazing tool you can even recover files from corrupted memory card, iPods and other storage devices at your fingertips.

Sudden power failure also causes data loss, when the memory card is connected to PC or Laptop. Using memory card even after the card memory is full, may also result in file loss. To handle all these issues make use of data recovery software. Using this program can also recover RAW images from external hard drive in couple of mouse clicks.

Simple steps to recover files from memory card:

Step 1: Install Recovery Program on a computer. Plug-in the memory card to the computer and launch the software. Select "Recover Drives" option from the home page of the software which appears as given in the figure below. Then select the option according to the data loss scenario from the next screen.

Memory Card Rescue Tool - Welcome Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select the memory card to scan for the files on it as shown in Figure B and proceed.

Memory Card Rescue Tool - Select Memory Card

Figure B: Select Memory Card

Step 3: Once scanning completes, the files are listed on the screen of the software as shown in Figure C. You can preview your files and save those on the computer.

Memory Card Rescue Tool -  Retrieved Files

Figure C: Retrieved Files

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