Get Back Raw Files from External Hard Disk

Data storage and security is an important issue for anyone. If you want to back up your huge data on the computer then external drives are the best solution. You can access or restore the data on the computer any time, by plugging it to the computer. You can save files of any file type as in the computer. If you are fond of photography then you might be having lots of pictures and other media files which you want to backup in external hard drive. You can preserve all your image files including RAW files for long on external HDD. The external drives are useful when you want to sell the computer. You can save the files on the external HDD and erase the data on the computer hard drive permanently.

Sometimes it happens that you will lose the files from external hard drives. Suppose you had connected the external hard drive to the computer to access the data in it. When you scan the external drive before fixing it to the computer, some of the RAW files get deleted. It is because, the RAW photos were infected by virus and you had enabled the auto fixing option on the anti-virus program. You will lose the important pictures on the drive. What can be done in such situation? How to recover RAW files from an external HDD? These are the questions that come to your mind. Do not worry as you can recover the files using effective hard drive recovery software. Hard Drive Recovery Program helps you to recover RAW files from external HDD successfully in any case scenario.

Some of the common loss scenarios of RAW files on external HDD:

Formatting: You can format external hard drive to remove all the files at a stretch from the drive. The record of the files on the File System of the external drive will be deleted and hence you will lose the access to the files on the user interface. In such situation, you need to recover your important RAW files using recovery software. Hard Drive Recovery Program helps you to recover accidentally formatted external desktop hard drive. To know how continue reading this..

Inadvertent deletion: The files on the computer might be deleted inadvertently. You would not be having any other source of the files also. If so, then you need to recover the files from the external hard drive using recovery software. You had some RAW images on the external drive which you want back. Hard Drive Recovery Program helps you recover those files easily.

File System damage: Every storage drive will be having a File System to maintain the record and arrange those files and folders in an order. The File System of the drive might get corrupted due to virus infection. In that case, you will lose the access to the files on the external drive. Hard Drive Recovery Program could retrieve RAW files from external HDD professionally.

Interruption of data transfer: The data might get lost from the external hard drive while transferring. The transfer process might be interrupted for many reasons like low battery shut down, sudden power surge, system crash, etc. If you had lost RAW files on the external HDD then you can recover that using powerful recovery software.

Enhanced features of Hard Drive Recovery Program:

The Hard Drive Recovery Program helps you to recover RAW files from external HDD. You can recover the RAW images generated from the DSLR cameras, camcorders, etc. digital devices of different brands like Canon, Nikon, Lexar, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc. using the software. You can also recover data from Western Digital external hard drive using Western Digital external hard disk data recovery software within few mouse clicks. Not only files lost from the external hard drive but also from the hard drive of the computer and other drives like, flash drive, iPod, memory card, etc. using the software. The software helps you to recover in any worst cases like MBR corruption, OS crash, etc. Click here to know about one such scenario, i.e. data recovery from unbootable laptop.

Simple steps to recover RAW files from an external HDD:

Step 1: Install Hard Drive Recovery Program on a computer. Plug-in the external HDD to the computer and launch the software. Select "Recover Drives" option from the home page of the software which appears as given in the figure below. Then select the option according to the data loss scenario from the next screen.

External Hard Drive Recovery - Welcome Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select the external HDD to scan for the RAW files on it as shown in Figure B and proceed.

External Hard Drive Recovery - Select External HDD

Figure B: Select External HDD

Step 3: Once scanning completes, the files are listed on the screen of the software as shown in Figure C. You can preview your RAW photos and save those on the computer.

External Hard Drive Recovery -  Retrieved Files

Figure C: Retrieved Files

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