Hard Disk Recovery after Format

You might have formatted your hard drive sometime in order to reinstall or upgrade the operating system and later wish to retrieve your formatted data back. Then what to do in order to get back the data on formatted hard drive? In order to carry out formatted hard drive recovery one need to go for hard disk recovery software.

When users install new operating system or reinstall previous OS without taking backup of important data leads into loss of data from hard drive. Because, before installing new operating system hard drive is formatted. Here user’s loss data if installation of operating system fails because of corrupt bootable drive or due to booting errors. In this case hard drive recovery program helps to carryout formatted hard drive recovery. This program is even capable to recover data from laptop that won’t boot. Read more...

Human errors are one of the reasons of formatting hard drive. People usually format hard drive partitions on computer resulting in data loss. It usually happens when people use third party applications for hard drive formatting or drive fragmentation without proper knowledge. People go for formatting usually when they find that their system is running slow and they want to overcome system errors. System becomes slow due to various reasons, such as start up overload- due to more programs that are loading at start up and due to badly fragmented hard drive. Even remnants of uninstalled programs, too many Windows and temporary files, hardware problems due to over heating and dust also make system slow and make user to format the system. In this case, hard drive recovery program is best solution to carry out formatted hard drive recovery. This program also facilitates to retrieve files after volume header corruption in Macintosh machine and on MacBook machines.

In other case in order to clear bad sectors on hard drive user formats the hard drive. Bad sectors occur on drive, when an error correction code on a sector does not match the content of the same sector. This is usually because of some kind of logical error on the drive caused by virus or malware corruption or failing to shut down the operating system properly. Only choice left for the user after these issues is to format the hard drive which eventually deletes the entire data. In all these cases, hard drive recovery program facilitates user to carry out formatted hard drive recovery. This tool also helps to get back accidentally formatted portable desktop HDD. Look at this website for further info http://www.harddriverecoveryprogram.com/accidentally-formatted-external-desktop-hard-drive-recovery.html

Formatting erases all the data on hard drive by creating a new file system and free space will be available on computer for storing new data. Here data actually not erased, but in reality, pointer pointing to data removed and data still exists in memory of computer until it overwritten. In this scenario, formatted hard drive recovery software helps to carry out data recovery. It also helps to restore lost data after MFT corruption in Windows. One more reason of hard drive formatting is file system corruption due to various reasons. In this case also hard drive recovery program helps to carry out formatted hard drive recovery. The software supports data recovery from different brands of the computer like HP, Sony Viao, Samsung, etc. Click here to know about Lenovo hard drive data recovery.

Steps to Recover Formatted Hard Drive:

Step I: Launch the installed demo version of hard drive recovery program. Main window opens up as shown in Figure (I). Choose "Recover Partitions/Drives" option from main menu and then "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery".

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery - Main Screen

Figure (I) : Welcome Window

Step II: Software shows the list of drives from which data can be recovered as shown in Figure (II). Choose your formatted hard drive.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery - Choose Drive

Figure (II) : Select Hard Drive

Step III: Recovery program starts scanning the drive to locate and retrieve lost data. Once the scanning process is completed, you will get list of recovered files as shown in Figure (III).

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery - Preview Screen

Figure (III): Recovered Files

Step IV: Preview the recovered files. If you are satisfied with the results obtained using trial version, buy the full version and save recovered data.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users